Tourists in Diving at Whale Island - TL406

Diving at Whale Island - TL406

Diving at Whale Island - TL406

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The Island has been associated with Scuba Diving for many years. For example, did you know that it was here on Whale Island that Jacques Cousteau first discovered his passion for diving!
The resort is located 80 km North of Nha Trang at the tip of an archipelago. It is absolute paradise – your own ‘desert island’ where you can really get away from it all!
The bamboo bungalows right on the beachfront offer accommodation for up to 60 guests. Meals are served 3 times a day and are a delicious combination of traditional Vietnamese cuisine with a strong French influence. (Probably something to do with the fact that the resort is owned and run by a Frenchman called Michel together with his lovely Vietnamese wife, Lan Phuong)
The island offers a wild and natural environment where the marine life, flora & fauna are a nature lover’s dream, both above and below the water!
The diving here is perfect for beginners and experienced alike. There is safe & simple diving from the beach to a maximum depth of 15 meters. The morning boat dives offer more exciting & adventurous diving; wall dives down to 40 meters, coral gardens at 10-15 meters, racing drift dives and of course less strenuous Nudibranch spotting! Whales, sharks & whale sharks are regularly seen, as are rays and some pelagic.
Whilst the diving here on Whale Island & in Nha Trang will never compete with The Red Sea and Great Barrier Reef, we are convinced that your overall dive experience will be un-matched!
We are currently trying to establish a Turtle Hatchery on the Island and, whilst it is still very much in its infancy, we are convinced of success and are considering changing the name of the resort to ‘Turtle Island’!


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